Let  your Business Fly  to  Sky  With     G.E.G.

First: maintenance service

Go Eagle provides maintenance services to companies through specialized technicians and professionals in this field, if you have a company and waste your effort in searching for the required technician at a reasonable price and excellent service then you are looking for Joe Eagle, where you receive holidays and give a specific date - service level - to solve this Holidays.

The maintenance service is divided into two parts: first, on request

Here, it is contracted that in the event of a malfunction, we will be contacted and the required technician identified and dispatched at the appointed time to fix the malfunction.

Second: Periodic maintenance

Here, headquarters maintenance work is done on a monthly basis without contacting us, and when a sudden breakdown occurs we receive the complaint and we send the specialized technician to solve it immediately.

Second: Security and cleaning services

Joe Eagle Group is a company that works in the field of security and cleanliness at the level of the Republic by providing trained and supervisory personnel who are able to carry out their tasks in the best way they always appear in the sites with a satisfactory appearance for us and you, if you are looking for security companies distinguished by high service and the right price, you are looking for us .

Third: spraying pesticides

Eagle company provides pesticide spraying services of all insects and rodents, bye mice, reptiles and insects, enjoy a full year warranty.